Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Jim Morris serves as a ReqExperts consultant providing expertise in technical project integration and management.

Jim has worked for over 32 years in the technical development and management of defense, federal, and commercial projects. He has demonstrated his expertise in the design and development of technical solutions, and in the control of the cost, schedule, and technical components of life cycle project management.

Following five years of Air Force service with assignments as a staff officer in command, control and communications systems, Jim worked as a consultant for 19 years, supporting various Defense and Federal agencies in roles such as requirements analyst, IV&V analyst, business analyst, systems engineer, computer scientist, project manager, and program manager. His areas of expertise include command and control systems, sensor systems, telecommunications networks, satellite ground control networks, launch systems, and satellite communications systems.

For the past 8 years, Jim has worked as a consultant for various corporate clients, providing technical and programmatic guidance for the implementation of accounting, finance, data warehouse, business intelligence, and performance measurement systems. He has extensive experience as a developer, architect, and project manager, participating in the design and development of some of the more innovative applications of data warehousing and business intelligence technology throughout the country.

As a technical project manager, Jim has worked with technical staff, management, and senior decision makers, ensuring the on-time development and deployment of project solutions, and providing recommendations for the appropriate application of company resources. Jim has developed several approaches to implement BI solutions faster, better and cheaper.

Jim has Bachelor of Science degrees in the Behavioral Sciences from the United States Air Force Academy and in Information Systems from Christopher Newport University, VA. He also has a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from George Washington University and an MBA from Regis University. Jim maintains a CPA license in the State of Colorado.

Jim is a member of the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants. and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.