RWG sessions at INCOSE IW2018 #2

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Wow! IW 2018 is already 3 weeks behind us!

We had a record attendance at our sessions with a very full agenda that included many good presentations and resulting discussions.  These included:

  1. An overview to the Guide for Writing Requirements for new members
  2. An overview of the draft document Integrated Data as a Foundation of SE.
  3. A presentation and discussion on effective requirement communication (MBSE related)
  4. A presentation and discussion concerning issues with integrating requirement development & management with modeling activities. (MBSE related)
  5. A presentation and discussion to mature the concept of information-based approach to Requirement Development & Management (RDM) (MBSE related)
  6. Several presentations from several tool vendors on capabilities to develop & manage rqmts
  7. A presentation on knowledge management application to modeling case study during the joint RWG and Ontology WG session.
  8. Matured the content of an draft extension to the Guide for Writing Requirements to illustrate the process of developing a set of system requirements using a coffee maker case study
  9. Ask the Experts – we set aside time to address issues/questions that RWG session attendees have concerning requirements development and management
  10. Supported WG MarketPlace

Thanks to Rick Zinni, there is a detailed set of minutes of each days activities posted on the RWG IW 2018 Connect web pages along with a copy of all presentations and associated documents discussed at IW 2018.  

A major priority for TechOps is an increase in the collaboration between working groups, so I want to thank members of the Tool Integration & Model Lifecycle Management (TIMLM), Oil & Gas, and Ontology Working Groups for their presentations at the Joint WG sessions.

Besides the enlightening presentations and resulting discussions and the collaboration between working groups, a major outcome of IW 2018 was a plan for RWG 2018 activities. These include:

  1. Maintain the popular INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements
  2. Incorporate final review comments and baseline the RWG document: Integrated Data as a Foundation of SE
  3. Update current webinar-based training for the Guide for Writing Requirements to incorporate changes made in the latest version of the Guide.
  4. Actively participate in IS 2018 – this will include RWG members presentation of papers as well as a short presentation on the Guide.
  5. Continue work on the Supplement to the Guide for Writing Requirements with a case study: coffee machine
  6. Populate the Requirements section of the MBSE wiki
  7. Begin development of a new INCOSE product.  At IW 2018, it was pointed out that given we have a Guide for Writing Requirements, we should also develop a Guide for Managing Requirements.
  8. Work with the ITMLM WG to support their efforts to update the INCOSE SE tool data base
  9. Maintain the RWG public and Connect web sites

A big thank you all for all that attended the RWG sessions and making IW 2018 a big success!!

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