RE Experts at IS 2018 – Update

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IS 2018 in Washington DC is fast approaching.  I hope you will be able to attend.

The Requirement Working Group (RWG) is scheduled to meet for 2 hours on Monday, July 9 from 10:00 am till noon in Room Latrobe – Constitution Level (3B).  During this 2-hour session the RWG will briefly review the status of various planned RWG activities for 2018 as outlined on the IW2018 Quad Chart.  The rest of the time will be an open “Ask the Experts” session where attendees can bring up issues they may be having with requirements development and management in an open discussion environment.  This is a unique opportunity for attendees take advantage of their access to a wide group of experts in the field as well as understand the benefits of being a member of INCOSE and the RWG specifically.

In addition, several of the RWG members will be presenting papers.  If your schedule allows, please plan to attend these presentations.

I will be arriving on Sunday, July 8, around 4 PM.  My schedule is as follows:

  • Monday 10:00-12:00 – RWG Status and Ask the Experts – Latrobe – Constitution Level (3B)
  • Monday 16:15-16:45 – Presenting: “Writing Excellent Requirements using the INCOSE Guide to Writing Requirements” –  Track 3.6.2 – Lafayette/Farragut Square – Independence Level (5B)
  • Tuesday 14:15-14:55 – Presenting: “Communicating Requirements – Effectively” – Track 5.6.2 –  Lafayette/Farragut Square – Independence Level (5B)
  • Thursday 08:00-9:25 -Session Chair Track 10.2 – Ballroom BC – Independence Level (5B)
  • Thursday 10:00-11:25 -Session Chair Track 11.3 – Ballroom DE – Independence Level (5B)
  • Thursday 11:30-12:10 – Presenting “Concept Maturity Models” – Track 11.5.3 – Ballroom HI – Independence Level (5B)

I am looking forward to talking with each of you.

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