What Sets Requirements Experts Apart?

We have the history.

Requirements Experts, Inc. (ReqExperts) was formed in 1993 by Ivy Hooks and David Hottman. Ivy learned the art and science of developing proper requirements in her work as a systems engineer at NASA while working on large scale projects including the original Space Shuttle design team. Dave, from the contractor side, developed his skills in replying to NASA solicitations and developing and managing requirements. ReqExperts core competency, honed over decades of experience, is in the development and management of requirements across all phases of the development life cycle. Much of the knowledge gained over the course of this experience is found within the pages of Customer Centered Products: Creating Successful Products Through Smart Requirements Management, a book authored by Ivy Hooks which serves as a foundation for our training.

We have the experience.

Each ReqExperts trainer/facilitator brings to the classroom 20+ years of real experience in project management, requirements and other areas of system engineering. We also learn from our students, over 20,000 of them, so that the concepts and approaches we teach remain relevant to today’s ever-changing project and product development challenges. The testament to ReqExperts ability to evolve and expand is reflected in our extensive and disparate client base ranging from government to insurance companies, banking services, grocery chains, and large charitable funds.

We have the qualifications.

Businesses and government organizations recognize Requirements Experts, Inc. as a leading provider of requirement definition and management training and consulting services for three reasons – our people, our experience and our creativity. For more than 15 years, ReqExperts has built that reputation by bringing to bear highly experienced resources and process management strength in developing and delivering practical requirement definition and management training solutions. ReqExperts success is predicated on the belief that trained personnel and a well-defined requirement management process are the two principal factors to realizing quality requirements.