Requirements Experts for Business Analysts

Are any of these things happening to you?

  • The customer on the project states that they have provided “all” of the requirements for the project. Your design and development team disagrees, but no one knows how to bridge the gap and elicit additional detail from the customer (while not frustrating them even further).
  • Your team is trying to communicate (a great start!). Unfortunately, they are all speaking different languages (swim lanes, entity relationship diagrams, context level data flow diagrams, etc.). Help!
  • Your team has defined a lot of requirements. In fact, so many that you have requirement redundancies and conflicts and a large number of unnecessary requirements.
  • Your team completed their deliverable, but then it had to be reworked… and reworked… and …does it ever end?
  • Your team has finished the requirements and provided them to the customer. The customer walks into your office with the requirements in-hand and asks you; “I have read this, but could you remind me what project this is for?”

If you can relate to one or more of these scenarios, Requirements Experts can help. Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience working and delivering in many diverse and challenging environments. We can bring that experience to help you.

Expert Consulting

Need an expert to help you address an issue? Sometimes you just need some additional expertise, an outside independent opinion – a different set of eyes to make the difference. Learn more about our expert consulting services >>

Requirements Audits and Process Improvement

If you started your project with defective requirements, you will return to them again and again throughout design, testing and operations. Requirements Experts can quickly assess the state of your requirements at any time in the requirement definition process. We can provide you with the expertise to transform your requirements management practices and processes to “state of the art” best practices. Learn more about our requirements audits >>

Teaming with Requirements Experts

Starting a new project and need to get started on the requirements right now? Requirements Experts can augment your staff to meet peak needs. Learn more about our teaming with Requirements Experts >>


Through our facilitation services, we help your team transition from classroom mode to workplace reality by mentoring and working directly with them. Our instructors will partner with your project teams to execute the activities and steps of the process. Learn more about our facilitation services >>

Requirements Training

Your BA’s are knowledgeable but they have trouble communicating with stakeholders. Could it be that they need a refresher? You might want to consider the following courses:

  • Requirement Fundamentals for the Business Analyst (2-Day Seminar) – The content is based on our most popular course, the Requirement Definition 2-Day Seminar, but is geared specifically to Business Analysts (BA) and the knowledge they must have to effectively define scope and requirements for a project. Through a combination of lecture and exercises, the Business Analyst will learn the steps, tools and techniques to elicit, write and manage requirements. Learn more >>
  • Becoming an Agile Business Analyst: The Fundamentals (1-day Seminar) – The focus of this one-day course is to help you understand where requirements fit within the Scrum framework and the role the Business Analyst (BA) can play on Agile projects. The course begins with an introduction to the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles. This discussion is then followed by an in-depth examination of Scrum, the roles, responsibilities, activities and skillsets so that the BA can become an effective member and major contributor to the development team. Learn more >>