Requirements Experts for Project Managers and Program Managers

“47% of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor requirements management”

Source: PMI 2014 Pulse of the Profession study.

A 2014 survey* from The Project Management Institute concluded that “organizations need to focus on three critical areas to greatly improve the effectiveness of their requirements management capabilities”:

  • People — Organizations must put the necessary resources in place to properly apply requirements management for recommending solutions for projects and programs. At the same time, they must also recognize and develop the skills needed to perform these functions.
  • Processes — Organizations must standardize and formalize their processes at the project and program levels, to ensure they are consistently applying good requirements management practices for all their initiatives.
  • Culture — Organizations must create a sense of urgency at the top, so that executive management and sponsors fully value the practice as a critical competency of projects and programs, and provide the appropriate support and commitment needed to excel throughout the organization.

At Requirements Experts, we have long recognized that to be successful in requirement definition and management, you need

  • Trained and experienced people,
  • A defined and proven process, and
  • A company culture that fosters and promotes application and acceptance of processes and tools necessary for successful requirements management.

How We Can Help Project Managers and Program Managers

Requirements Experts provides what you need to enhance your requirements management capabilities:


Through our requirements team augmentation and facilitation services, we provide the resources to help you apply requirements management processes and tools to your project. Additionally, we provide the requirements training and reference materials to help develop your team’s skills to perform the requirements management functions.


We provide the support you need to standardize and formalize your requirements management processes. Learn more about our process improvement services >>


We assist in planning and executing the necessary organization change management to change the culture in your organization. Our requirements training is a critical component to getting project staff and all stakeholders talking the same “requirements” language and following the same process. Our services can provide an on-going focus to completely embed “requirements management” into your culture.

Recommended Training Course

Requirement Definition and Management (3-Day Seminar) – Get all the fundamentals in a 3-day seminar. We cover Before Requirements, Writing Good Requirements, and Managing Requirements from end-to-end. Your team can see how to move from Scope through Requirement Writing to Reviews. You only have to bring them together once, and they work together to improve their requirements and processes. Learn more >>

* Source: PMI 2014 Pulse of the Profession study.