Requirements Experts for Requirements Engineers and Systems Engineers

As a requirements engineer or systems engineer, do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Where can I use requirements best practices?
  • How can I work better with my stakeholders during the elicitation and specification activities?
  • How to prioritize requirements?
  • How can I reduce the incorrect, missing or changing requirements?
  • How do I conduct the best requirements review?

Asking these types of questions is the right thing to do. As engineers, we need to be constantly improving our engineering processes and practices.

Requirements Experts can provide you and your organization with the training and expert services to combat the myriad of requirement-related challenges you face. We can make a difference to you, your organization and the quality of your requirements.

Requirements Training

It is much easier to work with stakeholders if they understand what requirements are all about. Our two-day “Requirement Definition” seminar is a great tool to bring stakeholders onboard. Ask how we can customize this course to your project.

Expert Consulting

If your requirements processes could use improvement, ask for one of our expert consultants to work with you to bring them up to your standards. Sometimes a fresh outside look can provide valuable insight. Learn more about our expert consulting services >>

Requirements Audits

An independent assessment of your existing requirements can be a powerful tool to understand just how you are doing. By identifying quality issues with your requirements, costly problems are identified earlier, resolved more easily and waste due to rework is kept at a minimum. Learn more about our requirements audits >>

Courses to Consider

Scope and Requirements: Elicit, Write, Validate – Many of the challenges we face on projects can be attributed to (1) unclear or incomplete vision and scope, and (2) struggles in communicating and eliciting requirements from our stakeholders. In this two-day seminar, we focus on the front-end of the life cycle where we have the most influence on the success of our projects. This seminar provides a pragmatic approach to defining your project’s scope and eliciting, documenting, and validating requirements. Learn more >>