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In addition to our training classes, we offer other products developed by our requirement experts to help you and your team improve your processes.

Requirements: Best Practices

Requirements: Best Practices

Video/Audio Series

We selected major topics from our training seminars to create this series as a refresher for your existing employees or as support for bringing new people up-to-speed. The series runs less than 4 hours, and viewers can select specific topics for review as needed.

Choose the format that fits your needs: video (DVD), audio-only (CD) or web-based. You will always have the training at-hand for a quick refresher or reference. More >>

DVD (video)
$295.00 (Free Shipping)

CD (audio only)
$59.00 (Free Shipping)

Web-based DVD
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Guide for Managing and Writing Requirements

Guide for Managing and Writing Requirements

The Guide provides many of the best practices using examples from two small space programs conducted by the NASA Johnson Space Center. It has been extremely helpful to non-space related industries, such as oil companies and banks, and for hardware and software. More >>

Download the Guide Now (PDF Format)

Customer-Centered Products

Customer-Centered Products

By Ivy F. Hooks and Kristin A. Farry

This highly practical book shows you how to elicit the right requirements at the start of a project, keep the development process on track, and make the right product the first time.

“A readable, logical, often funny, and wonderful tool for requirements management as well as for management practices in general. I consider it a must read for helping senior management avoid the ‘shoot, ready, aim’ tendencies that we too often give in to in our produce-or-perish society,” says Sam Coats, Former President and CEO, PROS Revenue Management, the world’s leading provider of airline revenue management systems. More >>

Individual Copy
$30.00 (Free Shipping)

Box of 22 (Great for In-House Training)
$550.00 (Free Shipping)

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