Customer-Centered Products:

Creating Successful Products Through Smart Requirements Management

By Ivy F. Hooks and Kristin A. Farry

Customer-Centered Products

This highly practical book shows you how to elicit the right requirements at the start of a project, keep the development process on track, and make the right product the first time.

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Book Description
A powerful system for getting the right requirements–and creating products faster, better…and cheaper!

“Never time enough to do it right, but always time enough to do it over.” In today’s “faster-better-cheaper-at-any-cost” world, this is not just a joke, but an all-too-frequent reality. And, most often, a poor understanding of the requirements for a product is the reason it must be done over.

Customer-Centered Products is a highly practical new book that helps readers gain a clear understanding of how to elicit the right requirements early on in a project–and make the right product the first time. Packed with useful information, enlightening real-life examples, and money-saving solutions, this book shows readers how to:

  • Identify where their current requirements process is weak
  • Bridge communication breakdowns that lead to muddy requirements
  • Eliminate costly mistakes and rework
  • Improve product quality without increasing cost
  • Use operational concepts to improve requirements quality
  • Improve the fit between the product and the customers’ needs
  • Prove that faster, better, cheaper is possible, and more.

Book Info
Shows managers how to prevent product failure by guiding and empowering employees and understanding the correct requirements early in the development cycle. Provides tested methods for defining products, filling the educational gap in formal training in requirements and definition management. DLC: New products.

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