Requirements: Best Practices (Video/Audio Series)

Requirements: Best Practices

We selected major topics from our training seminars to create this series as a refresher for your existing employees or as support for bringing new people up-to-speed. The series runs less than 4 hours, and viewers can select specific topics for review as needed.

Choose the format that fits your needs: video (DVD), audio-only (CD) or web-based. You will always have the training at-hand for a quick refresher or reference.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Scope – Get the Vision
  • Chapter 3: More on Scope
  • Chapter 4: Operational Concepts
  • Chapter 5: More on Operational Concepts
  • Chapter 6: Characteristics of Good Requirements
  • Chapter 7: Rules for Good Requirements
  • Chapter 8: Rationale
  • Chapter 9: Prioritizing Requirements
  • Chapter 10: Requirements Attributes
  • Chapter 11: Identifying Requirement Defects
  • Chapter 12: Avoiding Requirement Defects Part 1
  • Chapter 13: Avoiding Requirement Defects Part 2
  • Chapter 14: Finding and Fixing Requirement Defects
  • Chapter 15: Managing Requirement Change

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Audio Preview of First Scope Module – Chapter 2 (MP3 Format)

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