Requirements-Related Links – An interesting article in Volume 14, “ASK” magazine from the NASA APPL Academy Sharing Knowledge program by Jim Barrowman regarding the importance of requirements and having a clear, agreed to scope.

The Requirements Engineering Journal is aimed at those developing software, but is certainly not without application to non-software development. The scope of the Requirements Engineering Journal is to provide a focus for disseminating new results about the elicitation, representation and validation of requirements of software-intensive information systems or applications.

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact has written a number of requirement books that we find very useful. Karl is author of many other books related to software development and has the most complete and succint book that we have read on the subject.

Home page of Ian Alexander, an independent consultant specializing in requirements engineering. His website introduces the main concepts of requirements engineering, describes his work, and provides an archive of his publications and book reviews.

Requirements Engineering by Merlin Dorfman. First published in 1997, this article provides a high-level, tutorial-like presentation of the field of requirement engineering. The article reviews the progress made in requirement engineering over the past decade and characterizes different development methodologies as they pertain to requirements.