Presentations on Requirements

We are often asked to present at local chapters of PMI, INCOSE and other professional organizations. If you missed those opportunities to attend in person, here is your chance to see the presentations!

The Formula for Project Success

Presentation at Alamo PMI on November 14, 2007.
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Writing Defect-Free Requirements

During this presentation, Ivy addresses the common types of defects and avoidance and removal methods that can be put in place to rapidly improve the quality and timeliness of the requirements.

Presentation Ivy Hooks made at INCOSE 2005.
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What Happens with Good Requirements Practices

We’ve heard of the problems with bad requirements. We all have horror stories about the things that go wrong, the cost overruns, the schedule slips, the lost opportunities. What happens when you do it right. Some companies and government organizations are making requirement process changes and seeing some wonderful results. In this presentation, we look at what has been done and what has resulted from several real programs. We talk about the things that have worked best, things that did not get the expected results and things that have yet to be tried.

Presentation by Ivy Hooks at the RE01 conference held in Toronto, Canada 27 -31 August 2001.
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