Process Improvement

As reported in the PMI 2014 Pulse of the Profession study “…compared to low performers, high-performing organizations report performing significantly better in each of 10 key requirements management practices. High performers have higher proficiency levels among the requirements management practices and processes…”

If your organization strives to attain this “high performance” status, Requirements Experts can help. We can provide the expertise to transform your organization’s requirements management practices and processes to “state of the art” best practices. Our ideas and experience can and will put your organization on the path to achieving effective and efficient requirements management practices.

Our approach to transitioning companies to requirements management best practices is comprised of six activities:

  1. Understand and document the current state processes, from requirements elicitation to requirements analysis, validation and management.
  2. Define appropriate metrics for determining a baseline of current processes.
  3. Define the desired state with standards, templates, training, reviews, changes, prioritization and tools.
  4. Define the gap between current state and desired state.
  5. Develop a set of recommendations to achieve the desired state.
  6. Implement the recommendations.

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