Managing Requirements

Course Category: Fundamentals
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Credit: 7 PDU
Prerequisites: Requirement Definition or Writing Good Requirements

Managing requirements begins when Scope is defined and continues until the project is complete or until the product is retired or disposed of. Managing requirements includes not just the requirement statements, but their rationale, and all the other attributes you capture for requirements. The purpose of capturing requirement attributes is to improve the quality of the requirements and the process of managing them.

Course Objective

To provide tools and techniques to simplify the process of requirement management.

Develop skills to enable you to:

  • Determine which attributes are most beneficial to your projects and products
  • Create a new, or improve existing, requirement management process
  • Ensure requirement validation and continuous process improvement
  • Manage change and collect metric

Course Outline

  • Why requirement management
  • Document and validate scope
  • Document requirement attributes
  • Using allocation and traceability to manage requirements
  • Requirement validation
  • Manage change
  • Requirement management process
  • Use metrics to improve
  • Using requirement management tools
  • Lessons learned

Intended Audience

This training is best suited for those responsible for requirement management, those setting up and maintaining automated tools or those doing process improvement.

  • Managers
  • System Engineers (SE)
  • Requirement Engineers (RE)
  • Business Analysts (BA)

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