Specialized Fields

Our Specialized Requirement Training courses are targeted to the roles of particular individuals, including: formal review managers and administrators, a variety of inspectors, and those responsible for preparing statements of work.

Course Title And Description Course Duration Course Credits Pre-Requisite
Eliciting and Writing Requirements
Develop the skills to elicit, write, and review requirements.
1 Day 7 PDU None
Scope and Requirements: Elicit, Write, Validate
Learn the approaches, tools and techniques to define scope and elicit, write and validate requirements that are needed, clear, correct, and complete.
2 Day 14 PDU 14 CDU None
Work Product Inspections
(Formal Peer Reviews)

Perform as a participant in Requirement Inspections – author, peer reviewer, and recorder. Get better requirements at the beginning while reducing author frustrations.
1 Day 7 PDU None
Work Product Inspections Moderator
Serve as an Inspection Moderator.
1 Day 7 PDU Work Product Inspections
Writing Performance-Based
Statements of Work (SOW)

Get the most from your contractors using a what, not how, approach. Whether you need a Statement of Work (SOW) to accompany a product specification or whether you need it for services, this class is designed to help you understand the performance you need and how to require and manage to that performance.
2 Days 14 PDU None

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