Work Product Inspections

Course Category: Specialized
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Credit: 7 PDU
Prerequisites: None

Our customers have found that work product inspections can lead to early detection of requirement defects, as well as to timely identification of defects in other products and across many projects. This course, based on Fagan’s formal code-inspection process, enables you to identify defects in all aspects of product develop with a focus on activities associated with requirement definition and management.

Class lectures teach the needed skills and exercises focus on the many different products that are created in the process of gathering and writing requirements. Application of the inspection technique on your projects will increase your employees’ skills and improve your processes so that you experience continuous improvement and achieve a high return on your investment.

Course Objective

To provide you with a tool to increase your organization’s ability to produce defect-free requirements.

Develop skills to enable you to:

  • Effectively participate in a requirement inspection
  • Understand the different roles you may play in an inspection
  • Review materials and record information for an inspection
  • Explain to others how an inspection differs from other types of reviews

Course Outline

  • Overview and basic rules
  • Value of inspections
  • The players
  • The steps
    • Planning activities
    • Overview meeting
    • Preparation
    • Inspection meeting
    • Rework
    • Follow up
  • Metrics

Intended Audience

This training is critical for those responsible for capturing and documenting requirements. It is especially useful for peer groups who are intent on improving their requirements and their process.

  • System Engineers (SE)
  • Requirement Engineers (RE)
  • Business Analysts (BA)
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)

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