Custom Training Programs for Requirements

In our experience, using examples from your own requirement documents or database will significantly increase the value of training for your employees. Integrate the best of our training with your unique terminology, process and examples to maximize the benefit for each of your employees.

Customized Curriculum

Our trainers will work with you to prepare a customized training program, which may consist of one or more of our existing courses targeted to specific areas of concern in your organization.

Aside from tailoring the curriculum itself, you can also customize our course materials to your organization in any of the following areas and more:

  • Terminology
  • Methodology
  • Process
  • Examples from specific projects or common scenarios


You can purchase tailoring “by the yard”, which allows you to control the extent of your investment. If you have specific tailoring in mind, we will work with you and give you a firm-fixed price for your job.

You pay for tailoring only once. If you want us to teach more of your employees the same tailored class, you pay standard pricing for future classes.

Getting Started

Contact us to discuss your specific training needs.