License Our Training Content

For those companies who prefer to do their own in-house training, we offer a flexible program in which your training personnel can be taught and qualified to teach one or more of our courses with materials you license from us.

Get the Resources You Need

We have worked with numerous organizations over the years with a variety of needs. We can empower your trainers with resources to successfully train your team using our proven curriculum, materials and hands-on exercises.

License Standard Course Materials
Send your trainer to one of our public classes or hold a seminar at your site. Your trainer can then take over the materials, modify them as needed and train your people as you like.

License Tailored Course Materials
We’ll tailor the course materials to your organization and conduct a class at your site with your trainer observing. Then your trainer can use the tailored materials to train the rest of your team.

Educate Your Trainer on Requirements
If you have an experienced trainer without knowledge of requirements, our experts can educate your trainer on why requirements exist and how they can be used.

Our Experts Co-Teach with Your Trainer
If your trainer has technical knowledge but little training experience, our experts can teach with your trainer for a specified number of seminars to help him or her become comfortable with the material and teaching.

Licensing Information

Through the Train-the-Trainer program, Requirements Experts licenses our training materials to you.

Included in the Agreement

  • Class workbooks (PowerPoint Format)
  • Instructor’s notes
  • Other exercises and backup materials (Microsoft Word Format)


Time and cost are dependent upon several factors.

  1. Number of trainers being trained
  2. Skill-level of trainer(s)
  3. Number of seminars being presented
  4. Number of sessions required to certify the trainer
  5. Size and breadth of the organization that you will be training in-house
  6. Extent of tailoring

Licensing is perpetual. You may use it over any period of time, up to the maximum number of students in your agreement.

Getting Started

If you are interested in developing your own in-house Requirements Training Program, contact us to discuss the options that best suit your organization.